Fri 27 Sep 2013

10AM-3PM Visited Misco Exposition at 1 Billingsgate, 6 Upper Thames Street.

Saw lots of impressive and new technologies there; including…

  • Printers
  • Network systems
  • Memory/Data storage devices
  • Monitor screens

4PM-6PM Tate Gallery, Borough

I decided to go kill some time by visiting The Tate Gallery in Borough.

I explored seeing all 5 floors. On the 4th floor, I discovered they had some vertical drawing tablets being installed on the wall; together with electronic pens to go draw with. I ended up getting completely carried away doing endless drawings. The only thing that made me stop; was the sudden realization that I had a next appointment to attend.

6:30PM-7:30PM Hinde St. Methodist Church/Meditation practice

Unfortunately, I arrived far too late by around 1/2 an hour long; therefore, was told to come back again next week.

8PM-9PM Finding myself with some more time to kill, I decided to go and visit seeing The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square. In particular, my attention got caught up in seeing a Da Vinci cartoon; a group of figures,with a child sitting on top of a woman’s lap.

9PM-11PM Cineworld, Shaftesbury Avenue, The Trocodero complex.

Movie: The Call, Starring Halle Berry(a beautiful black actress).

Review: 4 stars/above average

The movie was about the harrowing process of taking ’emergency’ calls at a call center; and, also, the effect it has on both victims/call takers; as well as, showing you the way an emergency call center process works: directing police/fire brigade/ambulance to where the emergency is.

Movie preview:

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